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Closed | Win: a one night stay at Paris Boutik’s La Librarie Suite


Paris Boutik La Librarie Suite

For anyone with an affection for all things bookish, it’s likely that Paris ranks high on your list of must-visit cities. Home to the lauded Shakespeare & Company, as well as bookstores a-plenty and a rich literary history, few places have the written word quite so etched on their soul.

And if you’re a lover of all things literary with an endless penchant for books, then Paris Boutik’s La Librarie Suite might just be your dream destination. Nestled in the heart of the city of romance’s historic Le Marais district, Paris Boutik’s La Librarie Suite offers guests the chance to slumber in style, surrounded by an impressive selection of 4500 books. Perfectly fusing a real Marais bookshop – complete with an authentic shopfront synonymous with the cobbled streets of Paris – and luxury living, La Librarie Suite is a booklovers’ dream – and boasts more unread tales than even the most ardent of readers could hope to conquer.

And if sleeping in a Parisian bookshop sounds like the ultimate bookish fantasy, you’re in luck! I’ve teamed up with Paris Boutik to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a one night stay in the brilliantly bookish La Librarie Suite, complete with a bottle of champagne on arrival. And if you fancy winning this bucket-list worthy prize, simply follow both me and Paris Boutik on Instagram and tag a friend in the comments who you’d like to take with you to this hidden literary gem. For an extra entry, comment on this post with your Instagram handle when done. If you’re not on Instagram (Quelle Horeur!) simply comment below and tell me why you’d love to win this trip.

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The winner will be announced on Tuesday 20th February, at 7am AEST time.

Find more information about Paris Boutik, visit their website here.


53 comments on “Closed | Win: a one night stay at Paris Boutik’s La Librarie Suite”

  1. This genuinely sounds like my dream trip! I’m @elle_croft and I’m totally crossing my fingers and toes! ????????????????????????

  2. This sounds magnificent (I’d be channeling the Lost Generation members through-and-through). I’m @everybrightfeather on Instagram and would love to go with @mskaityw!

  3. I don’t have Instagram but this sounds like my dream trip. I haven’t been able to afford a holiday for the last 2 years and desperate to find a way to go away this year and this would help! I love books and I love Paris so this would be an absolute dream break!

  4. So I can channel my inner Bridget Bardot for a moment in time rather than Bridget Jones. And I can’t think of a more wonderful way to find myself than in the stories of others. Forever, book lover ❤????

  5. I’m not on Instagram -too busy reading for that! 😉 – but I’d love so much to stay there. I m not allowed to eat sugar or carbs because I have diabetes, however I love croissants so much that I made a rule that they are allowed when in France… A morning eating croissants in bed and reading in that room sounds just too perfect! Thank you!

  6. What a beautiful place! Would love to visit Paris again, especially in the spring… My instagram name is @emmagracer

  7. This hotel looks gorgeous – how did I not know about it before. I’m @TheTravelbunny on IG.

  8. This hotel looks amazing! I could spend my life in bookstores so it’s right up my alley. I’m @lelongweekend on insta 🙂

  9. I love Paris, I love books, I love bookshops… the La Librarie suite sounds like my dream place to stay! (I’m @katiecleod over on Instagram!).

    1. Mine too – it’s times like this I wish I was back in the UK rather than living in Sydney so I could make a quick trip across the channel to Paris! xo

  10. I loooove books ???? and I love Paris ???? and I love French pastries ????. This is the dream! ????
    Ig: @izzhitchen

  11. can’t wait for my first trip to Paris and to stay here would be a dream come true ???? currently reading all things Paris to get in the mood …..I’m @originalkbear xx

  12. This looks amazing. My boyfriend used to live in Paris, but we have only been there together once so far due to the expense of hotels etc. He is a university researcher and I used to be and we both love books and libraries. So this would be fantastic! @wise_helayna on insta. Fingers crossed!

  13. I’m not on instagram sorry ????
    But I’d love a trip to Paris! For two very good reasons:
    Reason 1:
    As an artist it’s the perfect city for me alll that history and art!!!!!! My sketchbook will be full with ideas .
    And Reason 2:
    I am a massive bookworm!!!!
    Always have been, I raid the local libraries and there has been more the a few occasions when the library has asked if I wouldn’t mind giving a few back occasionally ????
    So a book hotel is my dream come true!
    Also going to Paris gives me a chance to raid the bookshops for the French comics I love ????!
    Thank you for this amazing competition!

  14. What an absolute dream come true, can’t think of a better combination; Paris and books????

    My insta – @imapacifier


  15. I am planning a trip to Paris and this would just be AMAZING!! I intend to do the Da Vinci Code tour and spend the rest of my time reading in cafės, i didnt even dream there might be a place like this!!!

  16. @beosbaldeston
    This looks like such a dream trip and it would be amazing to share with my best friend who will be graduating from Oxford uni in the Summer and so deserves a break !!

  17. It’s been a long time since I went to Paris ( last as a teenager and now in late 30’s) and a trip there would be great. I’d also welcome a break in this great city as I could do with a weekend away. Please allow me the opportunity to see the Eiffel Tower etc ???????? again

  18. It would be my absolute dream to stay here. My favourite place in Paris is Shakespeare & Co, especially the staircase with Hafiz’s quote ‘I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being’.

    I would take @tfmalonio with me 🙂

    Caroline (insta: @cquirkeyy)

  19. I’ve always wanted to live the life of a book! This is it! ???????? what a dream ❤️ @sophiemareebannon

  20. I’m a ridiculous bookworm and have run out of space for more lovely livres!

    Clearly I need some inspiration for my future in-house library!

  21. This place gives me the same feeling as when Belle opens her eyes in the library in Beauty and the Beast. I would not sleep, I would spend every moment cramming in as many books as I could read. And Paris is somewhere I would love to visit. I have the perfect friend who is just as book crazed as I am: @michaelalee. Thank you for the opportunity to win this amazing prize

  22. This looks divine! Thanks for letting us all know about this amazing place, it’s gone straight to the top of my wish list! I’m off to Instagram to follow you, I’m @amysnowball.

  23. How brilliant! Thank you for this opportunity. I’ve entered via IG, and I’m @heathwitch over there. Good luck, everyone! x

  24. This would genuinely be the best break ever. Me and my mum’s dream is to essentially turn our home into our own personal library and I’d love to treat her! @chloeeefishh

  25. I would love this so much! I’m definitely an avid reader – in fact we’re having to put up more shelves tomorrow as my book collection can no longer be contained in our current 4 bookcases! Plus my little sister lives near Paris so we would have the chance to visit her as well. Fingers crossed!

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