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Review: The Secret Keeper – Kate Morton


While much of November was spent in a haze of late nights, early mornings and repetitive strain injury as a result of my constant writing, I did thankfully manage to squeeze in some bookish time and read The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton.

I’ve read and enjoyed her three previous novels; The House at Riverton, The Forgotten Garden and The Distant Hours and so, much like when I work my way through other authors’ bodies of work, I had high hopes for Kate Morton’s latest tome.

Much like her previous books, The Secret Keeper spans a triple time frame that is cleverly interwoven as the plot progresses. The story opens on a summer’s day in Suffolk in 1961 when sixteen year old Laurel witnesses the murder of a man at the hands of her mother, Dorothy, unbeknown to the rest of her family. The police arrive and the matter is dealt with, but it is many decades before Laurel uncovers her mother’s hidden past and the real reason a man was murdered.

The Secret Keeper is also set in 1930s London, when a young Dorothy has left her family behind to work in London as a lady’s companion. It is there that she meets and falls in love with Jimmy, and she makes the acquaintance of the rich and glamorous Vivien, wife of famous novelist Henry Jenkins. Now in her sixties, Laurel is trying to piece together the events that led to the horrific crime she witnessed as an innocent teenager.

The Secret Keeper is a beautifully written book that explores secrets, guilt and the fine line between dreams and reality. The perfect book for a dismal afternoon read, Kate Morton has further cemented her status as a truly wonderful teller of stories.

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