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Review: In a Dark Dark Wood – Ruth Ware


In a Dark Dark Wood

While my first winter in Sydney is certainly rivalling a typical British summer – with bright and sunny days peaking at 26 degrees last week – there’s definitely a wintery feel in the air. Mornings are crisp and fresh, evenings are steeped in darkness with a chill in the air and a bitter southerly breeze. Add into the mix the fact that apartments over here are ill-equipped for cooler temperatures and it’s easy to see why my favourite thing to do of an evening – or weekend for that matter – is to while away my time curled up in bed with a book. And unlike summer, when my reading matter tends to veer towards the heady and exotic, during colder months I often opt for thrillers.

Someone I often turn to for reading recommendations is Margot from Project Lectito, and upon reading her recent review of Ruth Ware’s In A Dark Wood, I ordered a copy, and stationed myself at bookshop-cum-cafe Gertrude & Alice with a hot Chai Latte and little else to do but read.

For me, the very best thing about thrillers is their ability to hook the reader from the very beginning – and Ware’s debut, In a Dark Dark Wood, did just that. We’re told the tale of 26 year old Nora, who is invited to the hen do of Claire, an old school friend who she hasn’t seen in over a decade – much to her bemusement. Against her better judgement, she agrees to the weekend away which is taking place in an isolated glass cabin in the depths of the Northumbria woods. What follows is a story of betrayal, deceit and ultimately murder, as the weekend takes a dark twist and each of the six characters unveil their true colours.

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A fast-paced, compelling tale, In A Dark Dark Wood boasts twists and turns a-plenty and will no doubt leave readers wanting more from Ware.

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