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Five of my favourite Bookstagrammers

© Ink and Fable

While I frequently start my day with good intentions ahead – and a vow to spend less time on social media; and more time on stuff that actually matters – scrolling through my Instagram feed is a habit I can’t seem to break, however hard I try. But while it might not be time best spent in the greater scheme of things; one thing it does provides in spades is reading recommendations a-plenty, and a online haven where bookworms can discuss everything from the latest releases to much loved classics. I’m forever adding to my ever-growing list of favourite Instagram accounts, and so, I bring you a new instalment of five of my favourite Bookstagrammers.

Ink and Fable

I only happened across Patience Randal’s Instagram account, Ink and Fable, in recent weeks, but suffice it to say that in the time that’s since passed, I’ve spent many a spare moment pouring over her seriously sophisticated feed. With coffee shots, reading recommendations and some style inspiration to boot, Kansas city-based Ink and Fable is undoubtedly one of the prettiest bookish feeds around.

© The Bibliotheque

The Bibliotheque

With a perfect palette of whites, creams and nudes, The Bibliotheque’s beautifully bookish feed is a firm favourite of mine. Featuring book stacks a-plenty, cosy pics in bed, and stylish shots of her book-laden desk, it’s my go-to account for when I want some serene literary vibes.

Lotte Likes Books

Berlin-based literature and media student Lotte boasts one of the best Bookstagrams around. I love her combination of shelfies and book stacks, and her feed has a wonderfully fresh feel to it. Featuring more books than you could shake a stick at, from classics to contemporary fiction, it’s little wonder that this bookish account has garnered a loyal following of almost 80k.

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Rustic Window

With an oh-so-cosy vibe to her Bookstagram account, it’s easy to see why US-based Cici was shortlisted for the London Book Fair’s Bookstagrammer of the Year award. Her feed has a gorgeous rustic feel to it, and alongside books it features everything from chunky knits to croissants and cups of tea, and the tones of wood and stunning autumn colours makes it one of my very favourite Bookstagram finds of late.

Swept Away By Books

If you like your jeans ripped and your coffee creamy, then Alyssa’s Bookstagram account is for you. This Scotland-based Canadian bookworm has mastered the art of the book and coffee shot, and her account is a great go-to if you’re looking for your next best read.

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