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The best books on mindfulness and meditation


The best books on mindfulness and meditation

Looking for the best books on mindfulness and meditation? Read on…

Suffice it to say the world we live in can be something of a chaotic one. From a daily reliance on too much tech, to long and laborious working hours and an all round lack of purpose, people are turning in their droves to mindfulness and mediation to find a sense of stillness and serenity in amongst the noise. The concept of mindfulness has exploded over the past decade, and with the popularity of mediation on a steady rise, it’s no wonder there are a wealth of spiritual books on offer for those searching for a more simple, yet meaningful life. Featuring a poignant fable and a guide to living beyond the bounds of creative fear, I’ve rounded up some of the best books on mindfulness and meditation, and will also touch upon the definition of mindfulness and how to practice it.

What is the definition of mindfulness?

Before we look at the best books on meditation and mindfulness, I thought it would be worth looking at the definition of mindfulness. According to Headspace, mindfulness is ‘the quality of being present and fully engaged with whatever we’re doing at the moment — free from distraction or judgment, and aware of our thoughts and feelings without getting caught up in them.’

What are the benefits of mindfulness?

There are a wealth of benefits of mindfulness; from an increase in happiness, to heightened levels of patience and acceptance, to lower stress levels and beyond. Forbes have written a great article on 6 scientifically proven benefits of mindfulness and meditation.

Best Books on Mindfulness and Meditation

Benefits of mindfulness in education

There has been much research done on the benefits of both mindfulness in schools and mindfulness for kids in general. With benefits including everything from better grades and social skills to reduced test anxiety and less stress, it’s no surprise that many teachers the world over are doing their bit to bring mindfulness into the classroom.

Benefits of mindfulness in the workplace

Mindfulness in the workplace has become something of a hot topic in recent years. Directly linked to both motivation and performance, incorporating mindfulness in the workplace – whether through wellbeing activities or mandatory lunch-breaks – can mean a reduction in job stress, decreased feelings of anxiety and increased focus.

How to learn mindfulness

If you’re interested in how to learn mindfulness, there are a wealth of options available. From reading one of the top mindfulness books to learning how to study mindfulness, carving out some time every day to meditate and be present will be of huge benefit to your practice.

Best Books on Mindfulness and Meditation

Best mindfulness book reviews

If you want to find the best book on mindfulness, you’ve come to the right place. Here, I’ll review the best books about mindfulness so you can be sure to find one that fits your needs. Whether you’re after something spiritual or practical, or something in between, reading one of these top 10 books on mindfulness would be a great way to kickstart your journey to mindfulness and meditation.

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The Little Book of Mindfulness Book Review

One of the best books for mindfulness for the time-poor, The Little Book of Mindfulness by Patrizia Collard offers readers simple 5- and 10-minute practices to find freedom from stress and anxiety. The collection of short practices explored within the book can be easily implemented and help alleviate any unwanted tension and aid relaxation.

Buy The Little Book of Mindfulness from WaterstonesAmazonAmazon AU or download it on Audible.

10% Happier Book Review

Now widely regarded as a household name in the mindfulness space, American news anchor Dan Harris turned to mindfulness and meditation after suffering a panic attack live on air while presenting Good Morning America. While originally a sceptic when it came to self-help and spirituality, 10% Happier by Harris offers readers a compelling introduction to mediation that will encourage readers the world over to try it.

Buy 10% Happier from WaterstonesAmazonAmazon AU or download it on Audible.

Best Books on Mindfulness and Meditation

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari Book Review

A poetic and prose-rich fable that teaches readers that the quality of your life is determined by the quality of your thoughts, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is a powerful and poignant tale about reassessing happiness on a non material level. A thought-provoking book from beginning to end, the lessons within the tale will stay with you long after you’ve closed the final page.

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The Happiness Plan Book Review

Founder of Mindful in May, Dr Elise Bialylew is both a meditation teacher and a real innovator in the field of mindfulness, and so it makes sense that her book, The Happiness Plan, is a go-to for many people wanting to explore a more mindful way of living. Insightful, positive and uplifting, Bialylew’s background in understanding how the brain works on a physical level is both fascinating and compelling and her purpose to “support people in thriving, not just surviving” really shines through throughout the book.

Buy The Happiness Plan from WaterstonesAmazonAmazon AU or download it on Audible.

Big Magic Book Review

Part memoir, part guide, Big Magic is a wonderful exploration of what life is like when you live creatively and beyond the boundaries of fear. A book for anyone wanting to live a big and creative life, Gilbert delves into everything fro the joy of failure to the importance of curiosity, and encourages her readers to infuse their every day lives with more mindfulness and passion.

Buy Big Magic from WaterstonesAmazonAmazon AU or download it on Audible.

Your Soul is a River Book Review

A book filled with soul-searching poetry, Your Soul is a River fuses wisdom with prose for an uplifting and inspiring read. A beautiful collection of poems for anyone in need of a dose of inspiration, the book is ripe with understanding, courage, hope, healing, loss, recovery, pain, and love.

Buy Your Soul is a River from Amazon or Amazon AU.

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Best Books on Mindfulness and Meditation

Conversations with God Book Review

The first in a series of books by American author Neale Donald Walsh, Conversations with God has been translated into over thirty-seven languages and is considered a seminal book by many. Having spent much of his life searching for meaning prior to publishing Conversations with God, he has since shifted spiritual paradigms around the globe through his writing.

Buy Conversations with God from WaterstonesAmazonAmazon AU or download it on Audible.

The Art of Happiness Book Review

A guide to happiness from one of the world’s greatest spiritual leaders, The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama is beloved by readers across the world, and explores the idea that happiness can be reached by using various techniques to train the mind, such as seeking peace, practising meditation, mindfulness, gratitude and self-compassion.

Buy The Art of Happiness from WaterstonesAmazonAmazon AU or download it on Audible.

The Wild Journal Book Review

Whether you’re a nature devotee or an urban-dweller, the importance of nature to our wellbeing is undisputed. In The Wild Journal by Willow Crossley, the florist and nature writer takes us through spring, summer, autumn and winter, peppering each season with sweet anecdotes, craft ideas, recipes and suggestions on how to incorporate a little more nature and calm into our lives. Her book is a charming exploration of the transformative and healing power of nature, inviting readers to slow down and appreciate the beauty of a wildflower, or the soothing effect of a long walk, and its impact on our mental health and wellbeing.

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Coping with Coronavirus Book Review

Given the current corona-chaos, many of us are looking for answers and solutions to questions and dilemmas that are completely unprecedented. Coping with Coronavirus by Dr Brendan Kelly – a consultant psychiatrist and Professor of Psychiatry at Trinity College Dublin – is an informative and helpful book, which aims to provide a ‘psychological toolkit’ of practical tips and anxiety management techniques.

If you find yourself anxious just thinking about the pandemic, then reading this book, with its calm and clear answers could just be what you need. You’ll also be supporting the invaluable front line work happening around the world, as royalties from the book are being donated to medical charities assisting with the global response to coronavirus.

Buy Coping with Coronavirus from WaterstonesAmazonAmazon AU or download it on Audible.

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  1. A great comprehensive list, and a really good reminder to me to practice mindfulness. Search Inside Yourself is also a great book on mindfulness for reluctant believers. It’s written by a chap who works at Google, so is aimed at techy, non-woo types 😀

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