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Review: Yoga School Dropout – Lucy Edge


Yoga School Dropout

The more I practise yoga, the more interested I become in other people’s experience of it; what enticed them in the first place, where their journey took them; how quickly they learnt to do the splits.

Lucy Edge’s Yoga School Dropout is no doubt a familiar tale for many converted yogis: a high-flying advertising executive, she grew tired of creating campaigns for margarine brands and took herself to India to find a deeper sense of purpose. Away from London’s all-consuming rat race, Edge travels across India, trying different yoga and meditation ashrams in the hope that she will both develop her practise and discover a sense of inner peace and enlightenment.

Through a series of sharp observations, Edge brings India – a land of contradictions – to life. Its mix of ancient traditions and culture mingled with western influence offers her spiritual quest an intriguing back drop and an element of humour as she navigates her way from one yoga retreat to the next.

A quirky and charming memoir, Yoga School Dropout offers its readers both a love-letter to India and a humorous account of Edge’s quest for enlightenment.

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