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Review: The Wrong Knickers – Bryony Gordon


The Wrong Knickers
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Readers of The Telegraph won’t need an introduction to Bryony Gordon, author of The Wrong Knickers: A Decade of Chaos. One of The Telegraph’s better-known journalists, Bryony is perhaps best known for her column in Stella – previously called Girl About Town, now that she’s happily married and mother to Edie, her column changed accordingly to Settled At Last.

A memoir of single life in London in her twenties, The Wrong Knickers is essentially a coming of age tale that dispels the often glamourised misconception of what life is like for the single girl about town. Deemed by many as a modern day Bridget Jones’, Bryony Gordon gives us a valuable and hilarious insight into the ins and outs of London life as a single girl.

We witness Gordon as she struggles with grotty flat-shares, experiments with drugs, and indulges in a number of flings with inappropriate men in her desperate search for a boyfriend. Such experiences are recalled in a delightfully honest account that has the reader rooting for the hugely sympathetic Gordon until the very last page.

Honest, humorous and at times horrific, The Wrong Knickers is a wonderfully refreshing read that I devoured with relish and have been pushing into friends hands ever since.

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