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Six Bookstagrammers to follow this May

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Despite starting the month with pious intentions to stop spending so much time on social media; and to replace my incessant morning scrolling through Instagram with something altogether more worthwhile, it’s a tough habit to beat. I know it’s time that could, that should, be spending reading, or doing all manner of more productive activities, but alas, finding new Bookstagram accounts and pouring through their feeds is a hobby I simply can’t lay to rest. And so, rather than fighting my pursuit to find the fairest Instagram account of them all, I’ve decided instead to share my six new favourite Bookstagram accounts that you should be following too, in May, and beyond..

The Guy with the Book

Winner of the London Book Fair’s Bookstagrammer of the Year, Faroukh – who’s based in Saudi Arabia and thus wasn’t able to make it to the award ceremony – has a wonderfully diverse account featuring both the books he’s reading and the places he’s reading them. So said the judges of why they picked him as winner: “This Instagram reflects everything that a bookstagram should  encompass. It’s a wonderful blend of aesthetically pleasing images with obvious sophistication. Faroukh’s personality  comes through very clearly. His insta stories also reflect the quality that he displays. This really is a wonderful example of the full potential of the format, and contradiction to many Instagram stereotypes.”

© The Guy with the Book

Juliet’s Library

I only came across Juliet’s beautiful Bookstagram account after she was shortlisted for the London Book Fair Bookstagrammer of the Year award, but suffice it to say I’m now a huge fan of her brilliantly bookish pics. She’s got wonderfully cosy, Autumnal vibe going on, and it’s impossible to see her account without wanting to curl up in bed with a good book and a piping hot drink.

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© Juliet’s Library

My Little Booktique

A self-confessed coffee addict and book nerd, Haley’s beautiful Bookstagram account has long been one of my favourites, and it’s almost impossible to scroll through her feed without being inspired to pick up  good book and to accompany said book with a frothy cappuccino.

© My Little Booktique

Kenyan Library

Without a doubt my favourite account I’ve found of late, I absolutely adore Kenyan Library’s stunning literary feed. With a calming neutral palette and frequent appearances made by Bill’s fluffy cat Cloud, the guy has creativity in spades and a great eye for what it takes to stand out in the ever competitive world of Bookstagram. A best in class account and an inspiration to aspiring Bookstagrammers everywhere.

© Blue Stocking Bookshelf

Blue Stocking Bookshelf

There’s little doubt over Jen’s popularity on Instagram – this American-based avid reader and book collector has amassed a whopping following of over 70k thanks to her daily shares in little squares. With pops of colour, stunning shelfies and the winning combination of a brilliant book and a hot drink, Blue Stocking Bookshelf is everything a Bookstagram account should be.

© Miranda’s Bookcase

Miranda’s Bookcase

I can’t remember which one I found first – Miranda Mills’ lovely lifestyle account or her beautiful Bookstagram one. Featuring the prettiest pictures around with everything from townhouses to bookshops as backdrops, it’s my go-to account when I want some quintessentially British and bookish inspiration.

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  1. Thanks for featuring me with some really great accounts i admire! 🙂

    Faroukh @theguywiththebook

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