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Review: Work from Wherever – Lisa Messenger


Work From Wherever by Lisa Messenger

My own journey into working from wherever started a little over two years ago. After something of a hairy experience working for an agency where my boss was a certified psychopath, I quit my role as head of social media, which subsequently saw my sponsored visa being cancelled, and meant that I had to leave Australia. Unsure of what to do next – and unwilling to be too far away from my boyfriend and friends down under – I flew to Bali to figure out my next move, before going on to live on the outskirts of Ubud for the next three months.

Suffice it to say that it was a fairly strained introduction into the world of freelancing, but by the time I moved to Los Angeles later in the year, I had somehow managed to navigate the nuts and bolts of being my own boss. Now, I can’t imagine any other way of working, and, having been lucky enough to work with clients including Nike and Collective Hub this year, the fruits of my labour have – after what sometimes feels like a lifetime of labour – certainly paid off. Having said that, however, it’s by no mean be an easy ride, and I truly wish there had been a go-to bible like Work From Wherever when I had first started out on my own entrepreneurial journey.

Part memoir, part guide, part workbook, Work From Wherever came in the wake of Lisa Messenger’s decision to close Collective Hub’s physical office – a move that surprised the legion of loyal fans that followed both her and her brand’s every move. Stating that ‘breaking the things we love is sometimes vital to remake them’ however, it certainly wasn’t the end to the Collective Hub brand, and Messenger went on to spend the next twelve months working everywhere from the slopes in Courchevel to London’s Shoreditch House, to the Collective Retreat in Bangalow, all the while writing this book, and filling it will tips and techniques that allowed her such freedom.

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Featuring insider advice from pioneers in the remote-working world, to interviews with influencers, and a comprehensive look at the best companies to work for if you value freedom and flexibility over an impressive salary, Work From Wherever offers would-be digital nomads everything they need to know about taking the first step towards breaking away from the 9-5 norm.

Inspiring, insightful and above, all, honest, Work From Wherever is written in Messenger’s signature candid style and beautifully designed to boot. A must-read for anyone wanting to design life on their own terms, whatever stage of the entrepreneurial journey you might be.

About Work From Wherever

In 2018, after a milestone year for Collective Hub and 17 years of having a fixed office and many full time staff, Lisa closed the brand’s physical office, decentralised the team …. and caught a plane to the other side of the world. But this wasn’t your average holiday!

In Work from Wherever, the entrepreneur, author and speaker shares the lessons she learnt rebuilding a brand on the move and the incredible nomads she met on her travels. Combining personal anecdotes with advice from inspiring globe-trotters, roaming employees and untethered founders, this book will ignite your wanderlust, speak to your inner freedom-seeker and provide practical tips for blazing your own trail.

About Lisa Messenger

Lisa Messenger is the vibrant, game-changing founder and CEO of Collective Hub. She launched Collective Hub as a print magazine in 2013 with no experience in an industry that people said is either dead or dying. Collective Hub has since grown into an international multimedia business and lifestyle platform with multiple verticals across print, digital, events and more recently, co-working spaces – all of which serve to ignite human potential.

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Her passion is to challenge individuals and corporations to change the way they think, take them out of their comfort zone and prove that there is more than one way to do anything. She encourages entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and innovation and lives life to the absolute max. With fans including Sir Richard Branson, New York Times Best-selling author Bradley Trevor Grieve, and a social media following of over 100,000, Lisa’s vision is to build a community of like-minded people who want to change the world.

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