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Review: The River at Night – Erica Ferencik


The River at Night

After finishing American Psycho, I was keen to read something that would offer a sense of escapism – and a great deal less gore than I had become accustomed to while reading Brett Eaton Ellis’s most notorious tale.

And so, for my next story I chose The River at Night; American writer Erica Ferencik’s debut novel. The perfect sort of book to curl up with when you’ve got an afternoon ahead of you to do nothing but read, The River at Night is a fast-paced tale that will suit thrill seekers and wanderlusters alike.

Wini, Pia, Sandra and Rachael – friends for over fifteen years – have been there for each other through life’s trials and tribulations and when Wini suggests they journey across the Maine wilderness for a weekend of bonding, hiking and white-water rafting, they soon pack up and ready themselves for the adventure ahead. Fate, however, has a more testing time in store for them than any of the women could have imagined, and, after narrowly surviving a white-water rafting accident, they find themselves lost and alone in the depth of the American outback. The experience calls into question the women’s loyalties to each other, and both friendships and boundaries are tested, as the four friends are forced to live well beyond their comfort zones as they focus on surviving what was supposed to be a wonderful weekend away.

A compelling tale from the very start, The River at Night is a page-turning thriller that offers its reader a slice of escapism from the banalities of every day life.

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