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The best podcasts for book-lovers and creatives


Hashtag Authentic

It’s only been in recent months that I’ve really got into podcasts, but now that I am into them, it’s in a big way. I do a lot of walking in Sydney – most frequently the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk – and love scrolling through my podcast library to pick something for my walk that will correlate with my mood. And so, from the brilliantly British Tea & Tattle to the always inspiring What She Said, I’ve rounded up the best podcasts for book-lovers and creatives that will be sure to delight your earbuds, whatever your mood or inclination.

You’re Booked

I’ve long been a fab of journalist and author Daisy Buchanan’s wonderful writing, so I was delighted to discover her recently launched podcast, You’re Booked, in which she snoops around the bookshelves of various authors. From Dolly Alderton to Cathy Retzenbrink, Daisy asks them everything from their most read book, to their reading habits, to the books they’ve borrowed but never returned, and does so with her signature wit and charm. Subscribe here for a weekly dose of all things bookish.

The Stories that Changed My Life

Hosted by Alice Revel, editor-in-chief of Reading in Heels, The Stories that Changed My Life is an interview-based podcast series about the power of stories. Each episode, different guests are invited on to discuss the way in which literature has impacted them, and with guests including the likes of Sarah Manning and Lauren Bravo, it’s one of the best bookish podcasts around.

What Should I Read Next

My new go-to when I want to add to my TBR pile, What Should I Read Next is hosted by blogger and author Anne Bogel from Modern Mrs Darcy and is the creme de la creme of bookish podcasts. Inspired by a blog post series called literary matchmaking, you can expect to find everything form interviews with authors to discussions on must-read books by women writers. Tune in for some serious literary inspiration.

What Should I Read Next

Make it Happen

I first came across Jen Carrington’s Make it Happen podcast thanks to fellow blogger Lucy Lucraft, and listened to it religiously while I was living in LA and navigating the overwhelming size of the city I called home. A podcast for creative business owners, Jen is a wonderfully down to earth host and dissects everything from the difference between clarity and certainty to how to challenge the fear that holds us back from living a fulfilled and creative life.

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What She Said

Blogger and freelance journalist Lucy Lucraft’s brilliant What She Said is the first podcast I listened to, and swiftly started what has since become something of an addiction. She’s interviewed a whole host of inspiring creatives and discusses everything from upping your SEO game to self doubt and how to stay sane online, and I love tuning in for her honest and no-nonsense dose of much needed motivation.

Tea and Tattle

If you’re into books and all things brilliantly British, Tea and Tattle is the podcast for you. Hosted by Miranda Mills (of lifestyle blog Miranda’s Notebook) and her best friend Sophie Perdita, Tea and Tattle covers everything from interviews with authors, to chats about the hosts’ favourite magazines and what they’ve been up to lately. I love the conversational tone of the podcast and it’s a great source for bookish delights and perfect for anyone wanting to add to their reading repertoire.

Hashtag Authentic

I recently met Sara Tasker, of Me and Orla fame, at an Instameet in Sydney’s inner-south, and it was only the day prior that I finally got around to listening to her much-lauded podcast, Hashtag Authentic. As someone who makes a living predominantly through Instagram and has generated a following of 200k, Sara’s podcast is an informative one and offers strategies, stories, tips and more for anyone wanting to up their Instagram game.

Mostly Lit

The new kids on the literary block, Mostly Lit has been named by the Guardian and the BBC as one of the top podcasts of 2017, and is created and hosted by Rai, AlexReads, and Derek Owusu. Covering everything from seasonal reads to politics and musings on freedom, it’s easy to see why this tenacious trio are swiftly becoming authority figures in the literary world and beyond.

Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert

As a big fan of Elizabeth Gilbert’s wonderful Big Magic – a guide to living creatively beyond the bounds of fear – few things inspire me as much as an early morning beach walk with Gilbert’s brilliant podcast Magic Lessons. On hand to help aspiring artists overcome their fears & create more joyfully, Gilbert’s past guests have included author Neil Gamain and actress Amy Purdy, and it’s a must-listen for anyone wanting to explore the notion of creative and fearless living.

Ctrl Alt Delete

Ever since I met Emma Gannon when she presented me with my London Book Fair Book Blogger of the Year award, I’ve been an ardent and avid follower of hers. I read – and adored – her latest book, The Multi-Hyphen Method, and have loved listening to the back catalogue of her podcast on which she’s spoken to the likes of Elizabeth Gilbert and Seth Godin about their relationship with the internet.

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There are Other Ways

Hosted by brand story-teller Fiona Barrows, There Are Other ways is a series of interviews with guests who are living life a little differently. From life as a slow adventurer to mindful consumerism and living with less, Fiona’s covers a wide variety of topics in a refreshing and honest way. Tune in for ample reassurance that there’s no one size fits all when it comes to success.

Letters from a Hopeful Creative

When creative coach Jen Carrington and writer and photographer Sara Tasker (of Me and Orla fame) joined forces to form a podcast for budding creatives, it was inevitable that magic was going to happen. In each episode they answer a letter from a hopeful creative who is looking for some guidance, support, and encouragement in their journey, and share some of the lessons they have learned along the way as creative coaches and online business owners.

Books of the Year

A new podcast celebrating the best in books, poetry, screenplays & short stories, Simon Mayo – one of Britain’s best-loved and well-known radio presenters – discusses everything from his favourite books to impressing others with books, and has interviewed an impressive cannon of authors since its inception, including the likes of Kate Atkinson and Sebastian Faulks. A must-listen for book lovers.

Grow with Soul

Blogger at Simple and Season, Kayte Ferris’s newly launched podcast, Grow with Soul is a slow marketing podcast for aspiring creatives. Covering everything from why slow marketing is the best way to grow a sustainable business to creating content and dealing with comparison, it’s a wonderful insight into the ways in which Kayte has built her own successful business as a mentor, coach and blogger.

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