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A Literary Treat from Luxuread



For me, reading is the ultimate indulgence. One of my very favourite things to do, come rain, shine, hell or high water, few past times fill me with as much joy as curling up in bed or a cosy reading nook with a brilliant new book, a piping hot drink, and little else to do other than engross myself in the pages of a book. Whether a gritty thriller, a harrowing horror or a lighthearted romance, reading offers escapism a-plenty and the chance to really disconnect from the world.

Of late however, due in part to the plethora of social media platforms (Instagram, I’m looking at you) available and an endless list of distractions, I haven’t been reading as much as I’d like. I often retire to bed with hours ahead of me to read yet find myself glued to my phone, or constantly adding to my mental to-do list.

And so it was with unrivalled delight, that I came across Luxuread – a literary and lifestyle subscription box. The brainchild of Sydney-based mother of two Katie Moore, Luxuread was born with the hope of encouraging others to carve out some me-time in their day to sit down and read.

Including treats a-plenty – from artisan chocolates to bath salts, organic tea and a book I’ve had my eye on for ages – the June box offered the perfect excuse to really disconnect from all manner of distractions, and I needed no more motivation to turn off my phone, and settle in for a night of reading, complete with tasty chocolates and a warming tea to hand.

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If a night of uninterrupted reading with an indulgent twist sounds like your idea of heaven, you can sign up for July’s box here. A monthly subscription will cost you $49.95; and a one-off box is $59.95.

About Luxuread

Luxuread wants to help bring back the joy of reading by helping people make time to really enjoy each book they delve into. Each month, they select a fabulous (and well-reviewed) book, along with a selection of beauty and lifestyle treats that will entice you to put your phone down, turn Netflix off, and simply sit down and enjoy the story.

June’s Luxuread Box included:

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart by Holly Ringland

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart spans two decades, and is set between sugar cane fields by the sea, a native Australian flower farm, and a celestial crater in the central desert. We follow the journey of Alice, the daughter of an abusive man, as she finds her inner strength and learns that the most powerful story she will ever possess is her own.

Soak Society Bath Soak

Soak Society was founded in 2014 in Brisbane, with every soak being made from quality natural and organic ingredients. Their philosophy of bringing back ‘me time’ aligns perfectly with Luxuread’s, thus making it the perfect addition to their launch box.

Dolfin Milk Chocolate Bar 

Smooth and tender, with a slight caramel flavour, each Dolfin chocolate block is crafted in Beguim by master chocolatiers.

Love Tea 

Love Tea is an Australian-made, organic and fair-trade tea, and they also donate 1% of their annual net revenue to a range of environmental organisations. Their signature tea pyramids are designed for optimal brewing, and are made from bio-degradable plant-based materials, so even the tea-bag itself is environmentally friendly.

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