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Review: The Rosie Effect – Graeme Simsion


The Rosie Effect

Shortly after reading The Rosie Project when it was published last spring, I was lucky enough to meet Graeme Simsion – whose debut novel had taken the publishing world by storm – at an event on the Southbank. I’m always nervous of meeting authors whose books I enjoy; but Melbourne-based Simsion could not have been nicer. Thus it was with great excitement that I learned he had written The Rosie Effect; a follow up to his much loved first novel.

Perhaps one of the most memorable characters from literature in recent years, The Rosie Project told the tale of socially awkward genetics professor Don Tilman’s quest for a wife, and when we meet him in The Rosie Effect he is ten months and ten days into his marriage to Rosie.

As heartwarming and hilarious as his debut, The Rosie Effect continues the adventures of Don as he deals with some unexpected news from Rosie in as awkward a fashion as we have come to expect. Inept and charming in equal measure, Don’s narration of the story offers a brilliant insight into what happens when a life dictated by order is turned on its axis.

Charming, poignant and an all-round brilliant read, The Rosie Effect is the perfect follow-on to one of 2013’s best books.

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