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Stylish Stays: The River Lee


Ever find that the universe sends you something you couldn’t have even thought of yourself? No? Me neither. Until last month, when, naturally, being knee deep in my Irish citizen application, and having been neck deep in London’s poetry scene for nearly nine years, the universe did just that. A stay at The River Lee during Cork’s International Poetry Festival.

Having recently undergone a huge renovation as part of the Doyle Collection, they’re still in the process of completing the final room designs, but, of what they have finished, they have really finessed. The details that could be easily overlooked have been carefully honed and refined, from the art that hangs on the walls and their playlists, to their seasonal local ingredients in the drool-worthy dishes and dangerously good drinks at The River Club restaurant.

The River Lee prides themselves on not just being a hotel for visitors to Cork, but too for the people of Cork.But don’t just take their word for it; all you need to do is look around The River Lee to see its genuine and authentic appeal to locals. Family dinners, first dates, afternoon tea and everything in between. The River Lee has captured something that’s really hard to do – both knowing and being part of the community and elevating the best bits to something exceptional. And if you still need convincing, have a sip of their Old Fashioned.

Cork itself is a real gem. All the charm of an old Irish town, but with a modern punch of bars and restaurants you’d expect somewhere like Dublin. A super walkable city that’s easy to spend a day mooching around, with the picturesque Blarney Castle being a stone’s throw away for those who want to pucker up and kiss the iconic rock.

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Knowing all this, I started my trip with every intention of cracking into Perfume – if I’m to believe what I’m told, its a crime against literature to not yet have read. And, knowing this trip was to be suitably steeped in Cork’s International Poetry Festival, I packed one of my favourite poets as well for good measure. Two books for a two-day trip; surely that’s reasonable for a bookworm right? I came home from the trip with four.

If you’re after a perfectly poetic, scenic and effortlessly weekend away, make The River Lee Cork next on your list.

Useful information about The River Lee

The River Lee Hotel, Western Rd, Cork, T12 X2AH, Ireland


Situated moments away from the river, The River Lee is located in the beautiful city of Cork, which entertains visitors with an endearing blend of cultural, historical, natural and contemporary places of interest. Exploring the city centre, the city’s foodie scene, see a show, tour around the castle and head out to captivating places of interest a little further outside of the city are just a few things to do in Cork.


Rooms at The River Lee start at £180 per night.

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