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Six Stylish Book Bloggers to Follow


While books will always be my go-to when it comes to my reading material of choice, I also love spending a lazy Saturday morning in bed with the sun streaming through my window and copious cups of tea catching up on the latest posts from some of my favourite book bloggers.

And while back in the infancy of book blogging, when most online spaces for book lovers were unsophisticated at best, and downright dreary at worst, these days some of my go-to book bloggers are proud owners of some seriously stunning sites. From the creme de la creme of bookish photography, to sleek lay outs and more, these bloggers are proving that books are anything but boring.  There are a number of fellow book bloggers I’ve been following for a while, but most of my current favourites have been sites I’ve come across in the weeks that have passed since winning the London Book Fair’s Book Blogger of the Year award, meaning there are ample posts for me to read, requiring endless hours in bed as I pour over their latest posts.

From the new kid on the book blogging block, to some long-time and firm favourites, I’ve rounded up six of the most stylish book blogs around, perfect for anyone wanting to up their reading repertoire or in need of some beautifully bookish inspiration.

Looking for Abura

One of the book blogs I’ve come across most recently, has been Looking for Aruba; a beautiful blog featuring books, life and style from Dubai-based Abeer. A self-confessed caffeinated geek who spends most of her time buried under the pages of a book, her blog features everything from photo diaries to book reviews and personal outtakes, and it’s oh-so-easy to lose yourself in the pages of her blog. With a beautiful Bookstagram to boot, it’s easy to see why she’s got such a legion of loyal followers.

Kath Reads

Kath Reads is another blog I’ve come across in recent weeks, and suffice it to say I’ve spend many hours since pouring over her plethora of book reviews. A Filipina living in Germany with her husband, Kath covers books by everyone from J K Rowling to John Green and many more besides. And as a fellow chai latte lover, it’s clear the girl has great taste.

Book Femme

With book reviews in both English and Dutch, Netherlands-based Femke reads all things YA and offers readers an intimate insight into her love of books. She too has a lovely Bookstagram account, that features flowers, fairy lights and the all important cup of tea alongside her current book of choice, and you can follow her over here.

The Guy with the Book

While no stranger to having an online book-fuelled platform, Faroukh from The Guy with the Book has turned his Bookstagram talents (he recently won the London Book Fair’s Bookstagrammer of the Year) to the world of book blogging. With everything from Instagram tips to The Travelling Biblio Chronicles – a new series in which guest bloggers will be paying homage to a tale set in the city in which they live – Faroukh’s blog is a fabulous online resource for anyone wanting to up their reading game.

The Book Satchel

I’ve recently featured Resh on my Desert Island Book series (you can find out here which books she’d take with her to a desert island) and she was one of the first blogs I thought of when I began putting this post together. She writes about everything from her predictions when it comes to book prizes to her thoughts on two books by the same author, and with posts covering her 30 books in 30 days challenge, her blog will inspire any avid bookworm to make more time for reading.

Yeldah Yousfi

When it comes to beautiful blogs, Yeldah Yousfi’s literary and lifestyle blog is undoubtedly one of my very favourites. Fusing travel with books, you’ll find posts on everything from city breaks to her 2018 reading goals, and her stunning Bookstagram account offers some serious bookish inspiration, with pictures taken from Toronto to Paris and everywhere in between.

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