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As a freelance writer with no-one to answer to, I have a predisposition to procrastinate. While I love a good to-do list – and indeed often find myself buying unnecessary (but beautiful) notepads in which to pen said lists – it’s often the ticking off of tasks that falls by the wayside. And as a serial procrastinator, while my intentions are good, my attention span is less so.

One of my biggest distractions comes in the form of some seriously brilliant bloggers. While the internet is awash with an abundance of bloggers that cover everything from food to fashion, as someone whose interests span wellness, travel, expat-living and books, there are a select few whose every move I watch (in a non-weird way). No sooner have I clicked on their latest post, liked a tweet or commented on a Facebook update, than I find myself five months deep in their blogging archive, the aforementioned to-do list long forgotten. If you too, love a good online read – whether it be for tips on transitioning from blogger to journalist, a serious dose of fitspo or to find out how best to spend a stopover in Singapore, here are some fail-safe bloggers that you too, should follow.

Girl Tweets World
Image © Jayne Gorman

Girl Tweets World

I first came across Jayne’s blog shortly before I moved to Australia, and read with excitement a number of her blogs on life as an expat. The one thing I love most about Jayne’s blog is her brilliant ability to speak to the reader as though they’re a friend, and her endless offerings of advice for those who want to blog full time. From foodie bits to travel tips, Girl Tweets World gives an authentic insight into the life of an ex-pat and full time travel blogger; the good, the bad, and the boring.

Hannah Gale
Image © Hannah Gale

Hannah Gale

Such is my love for virtually everything on Hannah’s blog, that simply getting a link of hers to include in this article was a thirty-minute process in which I found yet more undiscovered blogs I was yet to read. A former journalist-cum-full time blogger Hannah’s blog covers a range of topics from fashion to lifestyle to beauty and beyond. Perhaps most endearing is her honesty when it comes to writing about mental health; a subject many shy away from. She speaks eloquently about her experience with depression, and the ways in which she deals with it, which only adds to my – and many others – admiration for her.

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The Fit Traveller
Image © Mary Tilson @ The Fit Traveller

The Fit Traveller

I was a huge fan of Skye and her destination website, The Fit Traveller long before I started writing for her. The perfect place for anyone with a with an interest in staying their optimal best while on the road, The Fit Traveller offers its readers the latest hotspots in health, wellness, culinary delights and luxury travel. From hiking in Norway to biking in Bali and beyond, you’ll undoubtedly find yourself inspired to move more, travel further and live life to its fullest after reading these tales of wanderlust and adventure.

Image © Brenna Holeman

This Battered Suitcase

Brenna from This Battered Suitcase has an unrivalled story-telling prowess that really sets her apart as a blogger. In amongst a sea of listicles and generic travel features, she has retained her integrity and authenticity through a serious of personal posts (one of which I’m taking a quick break of writing this to read). Brenna recently wrote about changing trend of travel blogging, which had a great impact on my own online writing. As someone who had shied away from intimate storytelling on my own blog; writing instead what I thought my readers would find useful rather than about the rawness of real-life, I took encouragement from Brenna to write from the heart, and haven’t looked back.

The Travelling Light
Image © Katie McKnoulty

The Travelling Light

The Travelling Light is the most recent addition to my must-read bloggers. I discovered Katie and her blog after Jayne from GTW shared a post of hers on life as a digital nomad in Bali. It was just after I had booked a one way ticket to Bali and I read with envy about the villa in which she lived, and her days at Ubud’s popular co-working space Hubud. Fast forward five weeks, and weirdly enough, I’m now living in said villa, and today visited Hubud for the first time. This really is what the brilliant world of blogging is all about; from landing dream jobs to discovering homes we otherwise might not have, it really can open up a wealth of opportunities if you let it. And as I write this blog surrounded by rice paddies, listening to the croak of crickets; the sound of Balinese rain loud against my window pane, I’ll forever be thankful I came across Katie’s brilliant blog.

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Image © Lucy Sheref


Someone whose blogs I often reread, purely for the sake of it, is Lucy’s from Wanderluce. Having done the opposite to Hannah Gale, Lucy transitioned from a blogger to a journalist, and has given her readers invaluable tips along the way on how they too can write for a living. From photography tips to a touching insight into her recent pregnancy Wanderluce perfectly fuses lifestyle, travel and blogging advice.

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  1. This is amazing! I have only come across one of these bloggers and would definitely consider following the others! It makes me very happy when other bloggers support fellow bloggers, rather than just seeing it as competition, and believe it is what truly makes you a good one!

    1. Oh you really should Kirsten they are all fabulous each in their own unique way! I definitely think it’s important to support other bloggers rather than seeing them as competition so I’m glad you agree xx

  2. Omg why have you done this to me? Now I’m going down the rabbit hole. I need to read everything on here and then everything these listed bloggers have written too. Goodbye, Saturday! I guess I will lose you to the travelbloggersphere!

  3. Thanks so much for this list! This Bsttered Suitcase is one of my biggest influences as well, but there are definitely one or two more to follow here as well. All helps towards my goal of being on this type of list one day!!!

    1. Brennan from This Battered Suitcase is absolutely incredible isn’t she? I feel like I’m reading a book rather than a blog whenever I read anything of hers xx

  4. What a fabulous list. I always love finind new blogs to check out and I am so stoked that I can add these to my already long reading list. Love finding blogs I truly enjoy reading. As always, a blast to read your post!!

    1. They are all pretty fabulous – as is yours by the way – I spent a good hour or so reading your blogs yesterday! xx

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