Six Quick Ways to Improve Your Blog


Quick Ways to Improve Your Blog

Blogging tips: there are hundreds to be found. From creating great content, to enrolling in online blogging courses and beyond, the internet is awash with ways in which to improve one’s blog. And as both an avid reader and writer, I’ve been known to spend hours upon hours reading article after article on sure-fire ways to up my blogging game. Some said features are simply sales pitches for a webinar that will teach you much that you already know, before asking for a payment to learn what you don’t; others are from website developers whose lingo is synonymous to speaking an entirely different language; many others are hugely worthwhile, such as Jayne from Girl Tweets World’s series of blogging tips.

Having spent the last week or so behind the scenes of my own blog, I’ve certainly learnt the long (and often hard) way of what is and isn’t worth it. So in the hope of saving my fellow bloggers some ever-precious time, here are six simple ways of upping your blogging game.

Up your SEO

When it comes to searchability, SEO is everything. If you want to stand a hope in hell of ever appearing on Google’s first page, you need to ensure your SEO is on point. I’ve just come across the plug-in Yoast, which gives users step by step points on how to secure great SEO for their blogs. By following simple steps such as meeting a word count, and using alt text for your images, you’ll be one step closer to being found organically via google. Since installing Yoast, one of my blog posts has made it onto Google’s first page; you can read it here.

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Use great pictures

There are few things that can upgrade your blog from amateur to professional in a matter of minutes; but great pictures is one of them. In a time when image is everything, bloggers can’t afford to use badly lit and grainy pics. And while I’m not suggesting that professional pictures are the only option – indeed a great camera is both timely and expensive investment; and one that I certainly can’t afford at the moment – when none of yours quite cut it; try outsourcing them from a site such as Unsplash. Free, plentiful, and copyright-free, Unsplash has a huge plethora of images to use that will suit almost any blog.

Unsplash - Blog

Compress your pics

There’s nothing more annoying that visit a website that takes forever to load. And so, to avoid losing website visitors before they’ve even had a chance to read your ‘About Me’ page, make sure your pictures aren’t the problem. Once you’ve found the perfect picture for your post; whether taken with your very own hands or sourced online, make sure you compress it before uploading it to your blog. My great friend Krish from The Bucket List Diaries recently introduced me to Tiny JPG, a website that compresses your pictures while retaining their quality. Simple but effective, it’s had a great impact the loading time of my blog, and no doubt will help yours too.

Sell yo’self

I get that trying to big yourself up on your blog is a bit cringe; but your blog is your baby, and if you want it to stand a chance of success in the ever-growing blogosphere, then it’s important to give readers a reason to read on. Whether you’re a total newbie with a unique hobby, or a seasoned blogger with a long list of awards, use your blog to highlight your point of difference and sell yourself to all those would-be visitors!

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Make it shareable

One of the quickest ways to up your blogging game, is to make your posts shareable. No-one likes the whole copying and pasting thang, so including social sharing options below each post allows readers to share your content at the click of a button.

Get social

An absolute no-brainer when it comes to making sure your blog is seen by as many people is possible, is sharing it on social. From Twitter to Facebook, to Instagram and beyond, you have a whole army of potential readers a single step away.