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Given that this blog is about all things bookish, I thought I’d write a post on my newest treasured possession – the beautiful book blanket my incredibly talented Aunty Kate made me as a welcome-to-Australia gift.

My dad’s side of the family have always been quite artistic – a talent that, despite being bestowed upon my sisters, managed to surpass me completely, much to my devastation as a teenager. I remember enlisting the help of my big sister Claire whenever I was set homework for art, and grimace with a combination of pride and envy when said assignments were graded with As, knowing full well that my own attempts would have barely scraped a pass.

Thus it was with great excitement I learnt soon after announcing my move to Sydney that my Aunty Kate was planning on making me a book blanket; though little did I know how wonderful it would be. I was lucky enough to see the blanket in progress when I stayed with my Aunty Kate and her husband John, and would often stare – mouth literally agape – as bit by bit the blanket came together. That I’m unable to sew so much as a button onto a shirt made this feat even more incredible, but I never quite imagined that the finished project would be quite so beautiful.

My favourite thing about the blanket is how personal it is; the logo of my blog is stitched at the top, just above my beloved owl bookends, whose size and weight meant I had little choice but to leave them in London; there’s a photo of me and my sisters at my dad’s wedding a few years ago, and a number of the Penguin Classics that I’ve worked my way through since beginning my BBC Top 100 challenge also feature on the blanket. The creative gene may have mercilessly missed me all those years ago, but I’ll happily settle for having an Aunty with talent in such abundance!

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  1. Gosh, blush…. you’re very welcome, my lovely, and I hope it gives you years of varied use, cosyness, and an aunt’s hug when I am far away.

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