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National Bookshop Day

In celebration of Australia’s National Bookshop Day, I thought I’d write about my favourite bookshop I visited while in Sydney.

Often, when one goes on holiday, it’s with an itinerary in hand; a list of sites they want to see, restaurants at which they wish to dine; hot-spots they hope to visit. When visiting Sydney in February, however, the one thing on my agenda was to visit a shop I had come across on Twitter; Elizabeth’s Bookshop in Newtown, a suburb of Sydney’s inner-west.

I had read about the shop’s offering of a ‘blind date with a book’ in an online article in the Australian Telegraph; selected books are wrapped in brown paper with a few chosen words to describe them – thus encouraging customers to try something new, and was so enthralled by the idea that shortly after landing in Sydney I travelled across the city from Rose Bay to Newtown to pay the shop a visit.

National Bookshop Day

Suffice to say the journey was a rewarding one; Elizabeth’s Bookshop is the very best kind of place; a haven of the unknown, bursting with character and what seemed an endless supply of books. It was a near-impossible task to select just one of the blind date with a books, but after much debating I chose the one that intrigued me the most. On later opening it I found a book I had never heard of and one that I otherwise might never have picked up; The Bride Stripped Bare, thus proving that sometimes we all need to look beyond the book cover.

I move to Sydney in just over three weeks, and am certain that Elizabeth’s Bookshop will be one of the very first places I visit.

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2 comments on “Love Your Bookshop”

  1. I have read your blog for a while now and love it. No idea how we are connected .. ( maybe lexy )How I found you but I live in Sydney and would love to share some book shops you should visit .
    Email me if interested

    1. Hi Gill, lovely to hear from you! Lexy is my best friend so it may well be through her – would love suggestions for bookshops to visit when I move there – will email you now! xox

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