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Beautiful Bookshops: Gertrude & Alice, Bondi Beach


Gertrude & Alice

I brought just a handful of books to Sydney with me, having promised my Aunty Kate I would invest in an e-reader to ensure that I wouldn’t take up valuable space in my suitcase with great tomes that I had hope to get through during my time in Australia. And so, while I had initially promised myself I wouldn’t buy any books until I had got through those that had travelled all the way from London with me, with said books and my suitcase still MIA, just days after I landed I found myself in something of a book emergency.

Thankfully, my new apartment is located just a short walk from Bondi Beach’s famous Hall Street, where lies arguably the most perfect of fusion of cute coffee shop and characterful bookstore, Gertrude & Alice. Named after American writers  Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas, the bookstore-cum-coffee shop is as beloved for its famous honey-infued Chai Tea as it is for its collection of both new and second-hand books.

Gertrude & Alice

The warmly-lit interior is inviting, the smell of coffee inciting; the books stacked ceiling high. Whether you’re after a specific title, or happy to browse the well-worn tales, Gertrude & Alice offers the perfect environment to do so. Every nook and cranny is filled with books, while tables are chairs are dotted throughout, affording their customers a corner in which to curl up and read over a Moroccan Mint Tea, or the perfect place to meet with friends for brunch or a bottle of red of an evening.

My bookshop buy from Gertrude & Alice was AS Byatt’s Possession – in homage to my bookclub in London who are reading and discussing it this month without me – though I can say with absolute certainty that today’s visit won’t be my last.

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2 comments on “Beautiful Bookshops: Gertrude & Alice, Bondi Beach”

  1. At least I was able to assist with getting 3 more of the Big Read under your belt.
    Just think, if you’d stayed a bit longer, tonight you could have been enjoying sticky Chinese chicken and egg fried rice followed by espresso chocolate mud cake with chocolate ganache. But you *would* go back to Sydney…
    Great to see you my lovely, hurry back soon!

    1. I’ve only just seen this! So so lovely seeing you and stomach is already rumbling at the thought of my next visit! Lots of love xxx

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