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Book to Film Adaptations

Book to film adaptations are often risky and invariably disappointing. I can still remember quivering with rage having watched the screen version of Killing Me Softly starring Heather Graham and Joseph Fiennes. The book is one of my all-time favourite novels and the film, quite literally destroyed it; both the casting and acting were horrific, and the directors completely changed the ending, thus killing the entire plot of my favourite Nicci French.

On rare occasions book to film adaptations live up to the preceded expectations set by the book, particularly when said books often have cult followings and a huge spectrum of fans. Having said that however, I thought the film adaptations of both Bridget Jones’s Diary and Joanne Harris’s Chocolat were both fantastic, and could easily stand alone as films in their own right.

And having recently finished On The Road by Jack Kerouac as part of February’s Book Challenge, I was excited to hear that it was being made into a film, scheduled for release in September 2012. The trailer certainly conveys the tone of the book well and the mix of Hollywood A-Listers starring alongside relative-unknowns seems quite appropriate. Quite whether the film can depict the ‘beat’ generation with the same skill that Kerouac was able to, and indeed whether the screen adaptation leaves its viewers quite so moved as the book left its readers, remains to be seen. Watch this space…

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