My Favourite Writers

I have so many favourite writers that narrowing it down to just ten is no mean feat. However in the name of discipline here are my top ten writers:

  • Daphne Du Maurier: Reading Rebecca is what kick-started my quest to conquer the BBC’s Big Read. I love her atmospheric writing and her tightly crafted plots which manage to be both sinister and nostalgic in equal measures. My two favourite books by Du Maurier are The Scapegoat and Rebecca, both of which are compelling reads with bittersweet endings.
  • Joanne Harris: I first read Harris’s masterpiece Chocolat about a decade ago, and it still remains one of the most wonderfully evocative novels I’ve come across. I adore her descriptive style of writing and the French setting in many of her novels is the ultimate in escapism. Sleep Pale Sister is a hidden gem that everyone should read.
  • Enid Blyton: I can almost entirely credit this author with my life-long love of reading. From Noddy to The Secret Seven (I never was a fan of The Famous Five) through to St Clare’s, Blyton’s books formed the backdrop to much of my childhood. I recently re-read my copy of Mallory Towers and was immediately transported back to Blyton’s Cornish Coast with lacrosse matches and afternoon teas a-plenty. A bookshelf staple for adults and children alike.
  • Carlos Ruiz Zafon: Anyone who writes about The Cemetery of Forgotten Books is bound to get a thumbs up from me, and with his gripping plots and descriptive style of writing I’m waiting for his next publication with great anticipation.
  • Oscar Wilde: The Picture of Dorian Gray is a superb book of both opulence and indulgence and it I imagine it to be something of an insight into the way Wilde lived. Wilde possessed the most wonderful wit and humour and is one of the most quotable writers in history.
  • William Shakespeare:
  • Nicci French: With Killing me Softly being one of my all-time favourite books, it was no surprise that the writing partnership of Nicci Gerrard and Sean French have since published a number of books that I hold in equally high esteem. Elegantly written with fabulous twists, I can always rely on Nicci French for a captivating read.
  • Toni Morrison: Having studied Toni Morrison when writing my dissertation I was struck by her poetic and lyrical style of writing. Through her prose she manages to make the tragic romantic and she explores illicit themes beautifully.
  • India Knight: As an avid reader of her writing in The Times, it followed that I would enjoy India Knight’s books. Warm, witty and well-written, she also has a fabulous blog.
  • Kate Mosse: When I first read Labyrinth I tore out the ‘About Kate Mosse’ page as something to aspire towards – not only is she an author, she also co-founded The Orange prize for Fiction and lives in both Sussex and France. Additionally she is also one of the best writers I have come across, whose novels involve phenomenal amounts of meticulous research and are some of the most captivating books I have ever read.

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  1. I am making a list too. I found funny that Shakespeare is blank in my list too, waiting. I am a multidisciplinary artist and literature is for me like the mortar if my whole thing were like bricks. I like bricks too, literaly. Well in fact literal and literary are kind of blended together as I see it. Doesn’t mean I read a lot. The books’ meanings are in my eyes, mind and heart all the time, as if concept-painting everything. I read classics, mainly. I would love to exchange ideas with you about books and about what literature is. @mattoakspoetry

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